No TV and empty seats at Target Center... you didn't miss much

By Stephen Litel

What can you really say at this point in another unrewarding season? The best hope for the future of the team is to lose now and keep the pick in this summer's draft. We were again treated to a game that could have bored even the bubbly dance team to tears, yet some of the players showed up for their job last night. I did as well.

Other than taking another step toward the draft lottery, the only positives from this game came in spurts...

After getting in foul trouble in the first half, Rashad McCants showed some improvement in both his game and his health in the second stanza. Taking advantage of his matchup with Juan Dixon of the Raptors, McCants was able to pull off some fine moves against the smaller player. Shaddy was able to score all eleven of his points in the second half, mostly while playing without Kevin Garnett on the floor. McCants ineffective play without the presence of KG was beginning to be a concern, but if he can continue to build off his solid second half, he could be a stabilizing force next season while Ticket rests.

That is, of course, if Ticket is here next season.

Minnesota won the rebounding battle with the Raptors. They were, of course, paced by Garnett's obligatory ten rebounds, but more surprisingly were the nine rebounds from center Mark Blount, including three on the offensive end. Being the player that he is, a small forward in a center's body, Blount has never been a significant threat on the boards. So, when Blizz decides to play more to his size, he can be a welcome help to Garnett down low.

But the obvious highlight of this game was the play of rookie Craig Smith. While Kevin Garnett sat in the second quarter, Minnesota actually featured Smith in their attack. As a whole, the rookie was able to abuse Chris Humphries in the low block and even got a few floaters over the outstretched arms of lengthy Chris Bosh. What was most eye-opening was Smith's heart and hustle on the defensive end, although most of those efforts do not show up in a box score.

What else? What else was a positive? Um...

Kevin Garnett continued his double-figure scoring streak and added yet another double-double...

With the completion of this game, there are only five games remaining in this draining season...

Yeah. That's about it.

By Stephen Litel [email protected]

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