No Respect for the Little Giant

St. Paul's "Steel" Will Grigsby--the best Minnsota boxer of his generation and arguably the best in several decades--will be fighting for a world title on Saturday evening. Neither the Star Tribune nor the Pi Press has seen fit to make notice of this.

This is inexplicable.

The 108-pound Grigsby is a slick and entertaining boxer and his story makes for great copy: Coming up from the rough streets of Frogtown, Grigsby won his first world title in 1998, lost that belt in a slugfest with the legendary Ricardo Lopez, and returned to win another minor belt only to have it stripped after he tested positive for pot. (Obviously, he should have purchased a Whizzinator). Then, following arrests on dog-fighting and domestic abuse charges, Grigsby was sent to prison. His career looked to be finished.

Now, after a two-and-a-half year layoff, Grigsby is poised to make his comeback, fighting on the undercard of the long awaited Winky Wright-Felix Trinidad pay-per-view card. And no one is writing about it. Well, almost no one. just published a Q and A with the former champ.

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