Nick "The Goat" Thompson battles the bar

Last Saturday night, Nick Thompson lost his mixed martial arts fight on CBS. He lasted just 63 seconds against Jake Shields, one of the top middleweight fighters in the world. It was fast and disappointing for the University of Minnesota law student, who is also one of the top fighters around. But Thompson doesn’t have much time to mope around about the loss. He has to fly back from Stockton, CA, the site of the fight, and take the bar exam this week. Instead of worrying about elbows, he’ll have to endure essay questions on things like legal principles, trusts, wills and community property., a legal tabloid for law dorks took notice of the goat, writing:

Even though Thompson lost, we're still impressed that he's fighting in cage matches the week before the bar exam -- guess he's not very anxious about the test. On the other hand, who wouldn't take a break from studying for "the best mount" ever?

Oh, those snarky lawyers! They’re always quick to make a joke… and quotations no less to emphasize the pun. Let’s hope that one day they meet Thompson in a real bar. Then they might realize its not good to mess with the guy:

Honestly, we can’t get too uppity over their words. Abovethelaw did give us a shout out for the profile we did of Thompson last year. And they actually made us sound professional. And that’s something that is certain to disgust Bob Collins (look, Bob, it’s okay to wuv us now and again… we wuv you, honest), which is why we think abovethelaw is deck.

But back to Thompson, the bar is the horror of all examinations. It’s a snooze to study for and gives law students such awesome things like hives and cold sores. We assume this won’t happen to the goat, one of our favorite fighters, and wish him luck on the exam. The state needs more badass lawyers, especially ones who can rock a neck beard.

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