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New Trama ziptape

I love Trama's new ziptape (his term), Mr. T, hosted by comedian Boima Freeman (as the mohawked icon) and available for free download April 14 at http://www.myspace.com/tramagnum. No other rapper paints as vivid a picture in so few words, and if his long-awaited album is this good, expect big things.

Only disappointment: No samples of the real Mr. T's 1984 rap record, Mr. T's Commandments (Columbia/CBS Records). Listen to "The One and Only Mr. T" for a taste of that T (with more on Youtube)--he was definitely part of the pop-culture magic of '84. Trama plays the Dinkytowner Saturday, and debuts as a portrait artist at the Bloomingdale's gallery in the Mall of America starting April 17--that was him holding up his own painting of Nas at Nas's First Avenue show last year. I've written about Trama before here and here.

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