New Times takes over Village Voice Media

class=img_thumbleft>And the first business decision of the

long-rumored new company

, which will soon own City Pages? Feed the


to the

New York Times

, not its own reporters. So much for our vaunted "online efforts," which are to be headed by outgoing VVM CEO David Schneiderman (here's his


, dated yesterday). I'm hoping new CEO Jim Larkin recognizes a good product when he sees one, and doesn't sydicate

film reviews

(which have been kicking more ass than usual lately), tell


to shut up, or put the kibosh on national cover stories such as our

"New Orleans: Survivor Stories"

package, which I consider one of City Pages' finest moments. In the meantime, doesn't the

SF Weekly

owe the

San Francisco Bay Guardian

an apology?


more in the

Star Tribune

and the

Washington Post

. More


at Jeff Chang's blog. The Village Voice



more discussion

at ILM. Here's

AAN's Comprehensive Guide to Merger Coverage

. Hans at the Rake's


(and my response).

Much more

at the Seattle Weekly. Nashville Scene on the

new boss


NPR story

on the merger. New

Strib piece

on City Pages.

Opinion piece

in the San Francisco Chronicle. Really interesting New York Magazine


of Mike Lacey, with some paraphrasing of Christgau.

Nov. 28 Blotter

: Merger gets okay from Justice Department. Dec. 5:

Voice Editor Quits

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