Never trust anyone over 20

Lisa Olsen and Alex Darveaux at the Garage in Burnsville, photographed by Jayme Clifton Halbritter

For a complete guide to all-ages clubs in the Twin Cities, check out (and send me your own suggestions). You can read my article on all-ages music in today's City Pages (the always fun Picked to Click issue). Here are more photographs of the TC Underground and the Garage taken by Jayme Clifton Halbritter.

DJ Elex and Ariel at the TC Underground in Minneapolis

Orikal at the TC Underground in Minneapolis

ABEC at the Garage in Burnsville


Heather Hedges, Jake Mehr, Danelle Hendrickson, and Alissa Nemmers at the Garage in Burnsville, photographed by Jayme Clifton Halbritter


I need your anecdotes. What were the most memorable, important, or just plain weird moments in Minnesota music, 2004? I need your stories, favorite live moments, epitaphs, and gossip for a 2004 timeline in City Pages. Check out last year's version, then take a half hour this week and slap your own memories into an email (addressed to pscholtes at citypages dot com) by the end of the day this Monday, November 29. If I use your writing, you'll get money and credit. If I don't, I'll owe you a favor. And you still might get credit.

Peace, unity, love, and Thanksgiving stuffing,


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