Need a cool place to live? (part two)

class=img_thumbleft>Cheap Cologne and his wife are moving out of the duplex next door in the next few months to buy a house, leaving behind a nice, sunny two-bedroom for rent in a beautiful, quiet, and convenient location (8 minutes by car from downtown Minneapolis doing the 30 m.p.h. limit down Glenwood, in Golden Valley, not far from Hwy 100). Spanish architecture, hardwood floors, fireplace, a patio and shaded back yard you'll share with us (your only immediate neighbors), garage for one car plus two parking spaces, central air and heat, trees all around, free snowplowing/lawnmowing/laundry/garbage, plenty of storage space, reasonable rent. You'll have to ask the landlords about pets, but Cologne had dogs and that was fine with them. We're just looking for nice neighbors who don't party too much (or so you'd notice) and keep the bass low. It's a special place: Geese land on our driveway and deer cross the street. Email me at petescholtes "at" gmail "dot" com for details.

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