Nas at First Avenue tonight

Nas at First Avenue tonight

I've got no mixtape, no additional commentary, just wanted to plug a great rapper at a great Minneapolis venue: Nas's First Avenue debut, which I previewed here for City Pages. Hope some of our friends from out of town will come by.

Update: Nice review by Nate Patrin at I saw Trama (with his painting) and Muja Messiah there, yelling every lyric. Nas asked the crowd if the president came to their hood this week during the RNC: "Did anyone come to your hood?" No, they answered. The only person I know to suggest such a tour was Congressman Keith Ellison.

Only complaints: Seeming low energy onstage (a few guest MCs does not a showman-ly spectacle make) and Nas's use of "faggots" as an epithet for the older cultural conservative Republicans that have attacked him--this from a guy who has thought so long about the use of language that he was going to title his album the N-word. Just saying.

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