Morrissey: Compiled

Nathan Amundson, a.k.a. Rivulets, writes to inform me that not only does the solo Morrissey need no compiling, contrary to my hasty preview, but he's been compiled to death--with more than 10 best-ofs listed on Allmusic alone. "What Morrissey needs is a definitive box set. Which can never happen until he's done, and he doesn't seem done yet." Overconfidence in my (obviously) casual fandom wasn't my worst sin: I somehow missed the "compilations" tab while checking his discography at Allmusic. As partial penance, I offer parts one and two of a very rich 2002 Morrissey interview with Dave Fanning on 2FM Ireland, probably news only to fans as casual as I. (But so long as I'm linking audio, download a recently posted 28-minute interview with the Minutemen's D. Boon at

Also, Jake Rudh emails to announce his official Morrissey afterparty at the 7th St. Entry Monday night, free and 18+, with Morrissey prizes, music, and a large screen showing your favorite Smiths and Moz videos:

Morrissey: Compiled

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