Monday video: The Monks' "Complication"

class=img_thumbleft> Watch it! Sing along! "We will die/We will kill for you!" With banjo! (Photo link here .) Then watch "Monk Chant" and "Oh, How to Do Now" and more ! Oh, thank you thank you thank you Youtube (via ILM )! See also the Monks' official site , my 2004 Monks interview/tribute here , and my 2003 interview with the Spectors, the Minneapolis band that helped get the Monks back onstage. This is my first glimpse of Gary Burger singing since he performed "Oh, How to Do Now" with the Spectors at their 2003 First Avenue reunion. Until somebody digs up footage somewhere of these guys playing "I Wanna Fuck Your Hand" at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg, this is the visual record to beat of one of the world's weirdest bands.

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