Monday video: "Do You Wanna Hold Me"

Monday video: "Do You Wanna Hold Me"

Who couldn't love Afropop-meets-Duane Eddy-meets-Bo Diddley-meets-Girl Groups-era-Lesley Gore in mohawks, singing, "Do you wanna hold me/hold me there"? Though overshadowed by their cover of "I Want Candy," Bow Wow Wow's "Do You Wanna Hold Me?" was better music and music video (thank you, Youtube) in '83, from the video pastiche to the proto-Point Break rubber Reagan mask on late guitarist Matthew Ashman.

Apparently what's left of the band (myspace page here with more video) is touring the U.S. and recently taped a VH1 reality television show, so maybe I should recount some of the group's controversial legend, which goes like this: Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren was hired by Adam and the Ants for advice, which apparently included kicking out Adam Ant. The remaining Ants (Ashman, drummer Dave Barbarossa, and bassist Leigh Gorman) needed a lead singer, and McLaren presented Rangoon-born 14-year-old Myant Myant Aye (Burmese for "Cool Cool High"), whom an assistant discovered singing in a north London dry cleaner (where she worked), and who was convinced to pose nude on several of the band's record sleeves (her mother sued over it). Better known as Annabella Lwin, she returns with the band minus Ashman, who died in 1995 of complications from diabetes, and with No Doubt's Adrian Young replacing drummer Dave Barbarossa, who now performs with Chicane. More about the video here, more photos here and here, and more history here, here, and here. (Thanks to Ralphadeus.)

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