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Mitt's Mercenary Ties

As we report in this week’s feature, likely New Hampshire primary runner-up Mitt Romney has cuddly ties to mercenary army Blackwater Worldwide (formerly Blackwater USA).

The portentously (and aptly) named Cofer Black—vice chair of the controversial private military force—has served as chair of Romney’s counter-terrorism advisory group since September.

The inclusion of Black in the Romney campaign has received scant attention from the national press, even amidst FBI-led investigations into Blackwater regarding the massacre of 14 Iraqi civilians.

While organizations such as Politico and MWC have covered Black’s role in the Romney campaign, the mainstream media has remained eerily silent. (If you google “Mitt Romney Blackwater,” the first two hits that appear are Media Matters essays decrying the msm for keeping mum on the issue.)

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