MinnPost: Cindy McCain dresses classy and young people love John McCain!

MinnPost item: Delegates dig "classy" Cindy McCain's awesome outfit!

Quick retort: That outfit cost roughly $300,000. $300,000! That's about 150 percent of what the median home price is in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

You buy a house; Cindy McCain buys earrings. The earrings cost more. It's a good thing the McCains are just plain folks, and not, say, elitists with fancy tastes.

MinnPost item: John McCain has youth among his supporters, too!

Quick retort: While at the convention yesterday, I met a German graduate student named Katerina from Liepzig. She had been to both conventions researching her thesis. This is virtually the entire text of our conversation.

Me: "So, what are you studying?" K: "I'm writing about what each party is doing to mobilize the youth vote. The Democrats are very active in engaging young voters this year." Me: "What are you finding the McCain camp is doing?" K: "Nothing." Me: [Awkward silence, wondering if she's finished. Turns out she is.]

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