Minnesota's Greatest Hip-Hop and R&B Hits

Mint Condition members Ricky Kinchen, Jeffrey Allen, Stokley Williams, Lawrence Waddell, and Homer O'Dell photographed by Daniel Corrigan in 2005, for this article in City Pages.

In addition to Minnesota's Fifty Greatest Hits in today's City Pages, here are eight more Twin Cities funk/R&B classics not recorded by Prince:


"When's My Season"

from Minnesoda, Capitol Records, 1972


The Jets

"Crush On You"

from The Jets, MCA, 1986


Mint Condition

"Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)"

from Meant to Be Mint, Prospective Records, 1991 


The Sensational Joint Chiefs

"Little Sunflower"

from Lost Stepchild, Groove Garden/Firetrunk, 1998



"Good God"

from Play, TVP Records, 1998




from Welcome II Nextasy, Arista, 2000


Willie Walker & the Butanes

"I Feel It"

from Right Where I Belong, One On One Records, 2004


Mint Condition

"Luxury Brown"

from Livin' the Luxury Brown, Image/Cagedbird Records, 2005


Minnesota Hip-Hop Mix 

1988 I.R.M. Crew promotional poster courtesy of Charles Lockhart

Including the 13 listed in today's Minnesota's Fifty Greatest Hits, here are 35 recommended tracks for a  Minnesota rap mix. Post your own choices at this thread on D.U. Nation, or at this article reaction thread, or email your favorites to me at pscholtes [at] citypages [dot] com and I'll post them here. 

The Twin City Rappers
"The Twin City Rapp"
Twin Town Records, 1985

The I.R.M. Crew
Cchill/K-tel, 1987

Soul Purpose
"Soul Purpose"
Wide Angle Urban, 1989

Somethin Smooth
"U Ain't Fat"
from Constipated Notions, Dynamic Records, 1993

Phull Surkle and Casino Royale

"I'm Just a B-Boy"

unreleased track recorded in Studio K at Radio K, 1995

Abstract Pack
"Busy Like We"
from Bousta Set It (For the Record), self-released, 1998

Dead End

"My Deeds Is Done"

G.B. Records CD single, 1998

Atmosphere (featuring Eyedea)
"The Abusing of the Rib"
from Stuck on AM 2: Live Performances on 770 Radio K, No Alternative/770 Radio K, 1999

Unicus and Muad'Dib

"Phone Sex"

Interlock Volume 1, Interlock, 1999


Lil Buddy

"What's the Happs"

from We Rocked the World!, Red White Blue, 1999


The Sure Shot Brothers


from Mental Madness Presents the Sure Shot Brothers, Mental Madness, 2000


Raw Villa

"Money First"

from Rebellion EP, Black Corners, 2000

"Pitch Black Ark"
from Obelisk Movements, Sub Verse, 2000

Unknown Prophets (featuring Slug)


from World Premier, self-released, 2000



"Guard Your Harem"

from Actin' Rich 12-inch, Rhymesayers, 2000



"Heard It From Here"

from Inner City Outer Space, Interlock, 2000


Hot Skeems

"Lost In the Land of the Lakes"

from Twin Town Music Yearbook Vol. 3, 1999-2000, City Pages, 2000



"Hip Hop"

from Indefinition, Peak Records, 2001


Young & Da Restless

"Imma Speak Now"

from The Motion Picture, Stray Records, 2001

"Sunset @ Lowry Park"
from Delusions of Grandeur, Souls of Life, 2001

The C.O.R.E.
"New Thoughts"
3rd Eye Entertainment, 2001



from Small Steps, Interlock, 2002


The Many Faces of Oliver Hart (featuring Carnage)

"Prelude to Coaches"/"Coaches"

from How Eye One the Write Too Think, Rhymesayers, 2002



"She's Just My Friend"

from Daily Journal, self-released, 2002

Brother Ali
"Forest Whitiker"
from Shadows on the Sun, Rhymesayers, 2003

Los Nativos

"Con Tivos"

from Dia De Los Muertos, Rhymesayers, 2003

Nena Brown
"I Hustle"
from The Beginning of the End, Heat Rocc, 2004

Contac (featuring Diamonique)
"Jangalang Jangalang"
from Eeyeaya, Lazyeye Entertainment/Wild Side Records, 2004


"Music For Shoplifting"

from Ipecac Neat, Doomtree/Rhymesayers, 2004


Eyedea and Abilities

"Exhausted Love"

from E&A, Epitaph/Rhymesayers, 2004


Set the Smith

"They Don't Know"

from The Example Part One, Chill Records, 2004 


EPL & Snakebird (featuring Big Quarters)


from Songs, Big Quarters, 2004


Mad Son (featuring Big Jess)

"Keep On"

from Peace Amongst the Madness, N.E. Time Entertainment, 2004


Kill the Vultures

"The Vultures"

From Kill the Vultures, JIB, 2005




Now That's What I Call Copyright Infringement! Volume One, self-released, 2005


Summer 2005.jpg:


About the cover model: April Lindner plays in the local band Bounce, who perform at the Breakaway Bar and Grill in Robbinsdale on Friday. They are apparently auditioning drummers, and here's a list of songs prospective percussionists should learn: "Brick House," "Beautiful People," "Hot in Herre," "Just a Girl," and "I'm With You."

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