Minnesota Poll: McCain Gaining Ground for Some Reason

Minnesota Poll: McCain Gaining Ground for Some Reason

A Rasmussen poll released yesterday shows that Barack Obama’s once-commanding 12-point lead over John McCain has whittled away to just four percentage points in Minnesota (46 to 42). Even more baffling: the bloodthirsty faux maverick enjoys a 60 percent favorability rating among Minnesotans. (Obama’s is 56 percent.) So with the state’s economy enduring historic lethargy, we’re evidently warming up to a guy whose “straight talk” includes the line, “I know a lot less about economics than I do about military and foreign policy issues. I still need to be educated."

Speaking of foreign policy issues: how a man who once called Vladimir Putin "the president of Germany" can know even less about the economy is beyond comprehension. Which brings us to a quick question that sounds rhetorical, but genuinely isn't: Just where, exactly, do we dig up these cretins? (We almost forgot-- having the misfortune of being shot down and subsequently tortured during a losing war effort empowers one with magical administrative powers not to be questioned by anyone.)

So what gives? Perhaps McCain is benefiting from Russia’s current, uh, “peacekeeping” venture in Georgia. Or, as summed up aptly in the McCain campaign’s recently unveiled slogan, “It’s the long-dormant Cold War anxieties fanned by a reemerging, hegemonic Russian state, stupid.”

And then there’s this little ditty contained within the same poll:

Picking Minnesota’s Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty as his running mate might cost McCain more votes in the state than he will gain. Thirty-four percent (34%) of Minnesota voters say they are less likely to vote for the GOP candidate if Pawlenty is the vice presidential nominee, while 28% say it makes them more likely to vote for McCain. Thirty-five percent (35%) say it will have no impact on how they vote.

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