Minnesota Mixtape 2007

Minnesota Mixtape 2007

CD 1

1. Michael Yonkers with the Blind Shake, "Don't I Get" (from Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons, Michael Yonkers) 2. Brother Ali, "The Puzzle" (from The Undisputed Truth, Rhymesayers) 3. Zachariah, "Cool J Planets" (from White Jesus, Interlock) 4. The Owls, "Peppermint Patty" (from Daughters and Suns, Magic Marker) 5. Little Man, "Soulful Automatic" (from Soulful Automatic, Eclectone) 6. Dan Wilson, "She Can't Help Me Now" (from Free Life, American)* 7. Ed Ackerson, "Flashes of Light" (from Ed Ackerson, Susstones) 8. Shatterproof, "Septemberine" (from Splinter Queen, Catlick) 9. Golden, "Falling" (from Peddling Medicine, FreeFlow/SOL) 10. Maria Isa, "Yo Lo Quiero" (from M.I. Split Personalities, Emetrece Productions/Smoke Signal) 11. Indigo, "What Do?" (from Kiri'Ke, Dynamite Panic) 12. Big Quarters ft. I Self Devine, "How to Kill Your Rap Career" (from Cost of Living, Big Quarters) 13. Mouthful of Bees, "The Now" (from The End, Afternoon) 14. The Great Physician, "Filled to the Brim" (from Overture, Broken Product) 15. Desdamona, "The Source" (from The Source, Zlink/FS Music) 16. Moochy C ft. EMS and Slug, "The Club" (from I Know What I'm Worth, self-released) 17. Carnage, "Orientation" (from Sense of Sound, Hecatomb) 18. Fog, "I Have Been Wronged" (from v/a, Radiok.org, University of Minnesota/Noiseland Industries) 19. Mystery Palace, "Nascar Survivor" (from Mystery Palace, Zodrecords.com) 20. M.anifest, "Manifestations" (from Manifestations, www.manifestmc.com) 21. Ice-Rod, "Freaky Puppy" (from various artists, Sixth Annual Twin Cities Celebration of Hip Hop, Copycats) 22. Kwang, "She's Sophisticated" (from For what it's worth..., Root of All Evil) 23. Pert' Near Sandstone, "Summer Skies" (from Up and Down the River, www.pertnearsandstone.com)

CD 2

1. The Hold Steady, "Can You Please Crawl Our Your Window?" (from I'm Not There: Original Soundtrack, Sony) 2. Atmosphere ft. Stage One, St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, YZ, Brother Ali, Toki Wright & Blueprint, "Crewed Up" (from Strictly Leakage, Rhymesayers) 3. Low, "Breaker" (from Drums and Guns, Sub Pop) 4. Trama, "Viet-Tram" (from The Mixed-Up Tape, RaincLOUD) 5. Paper Tiger, "MAke-MAke" (from False Hopes, Doomtree) 6. Chris Thomson, "Stay" (from The Three Elements, www.chrismikethom.com) 7. Danny y Elliot, "Esa Mirada" (from City Pages online and MySpace) 8. Roomsa featuring Lady Sarah, "Tatiana" (from Oceans, Aphrodisio) 9. Prince, "Guitar" (from Planet Earth, Columbia) 10. MC/VL, "The Guarantee" (from Stance, self-released) 11. Gingerjake, "Jeckll and Hyde" (from How to Kiss the Devil Goodbye, Special Teams) 12. Baby Guts, "Staplegun" (from Gasoline, Guilt Ridden Pop) 13. Trampled by Turtles, "Valley" (from Trouble, Banjodad) 14. Orikal, "Shackles" (from The Harsh Reality, Graff Roots) 15. Charlie Parr, "Last Freight out of Asheville" (from Jubilee, Eclectone) 16. Storyhill, "Love Will Find You" (from Storyhill, Red House) 17. Young Pluky featuring AKI, "Savage" (from D.T.R. Dodging the R.I.C.O., Brickboy2.2 Entertainment) 18. Aneuretical, "Mayday" (from Million Dollar Man, Afternoon) 19. Gumbi, "Jaw" (from Happy Birthday EP, self-released) 20. Scottie Miller & the Re-Uptake Inhibitors, "Sweet Babe" (from Elixir for the Soul, Scottiemiller.com) 21. Sha Cage, "Minneapolis Poem" (from Amber People, Tru Ruts Endeavors/Speakeasy) 22. Fiction, "Small City USA" (from Rocky VS. FIC, The Midwest True Story, Rock City Productions) 23. JG Everest (with Channy Moon Casselle), "In the Stars" (from Parade, Firetrunk)

*switched out "Free Life" for this song to make it all fit on the CDR.

I wrote about CD 1 at Idolator, but CD 2 is probably as good, mostly of stuff I either missed the first time around or had to leave out for space. You have one great CD between the two. Email me for free copies of both at petescholtes at gmail dot com. Here's last year's (before I could turn the tracks into actual CDs). I liked other acts live this year, and heard promising stuff on CD or MySpace that didn't make the cut, but these 46 tracks pretty much represent my favorite local songs and/or albums of '07, excluding reissues (by Michael Yonkers, Badfinger, and the Sorry Muthas). Look for Wisely, Children 18:3, and Nena Free on my '08 mix. Catching up with City Pages recommendations. Discussion at DUNation and Modern Radio. What would you add?

Minnesota Mixtape 2007

Email from Paul Lundgren, "Re: Substitute Teaching":

One day, when I was a senior in high school, I heard there was a substitute math teacher. I decided to skip my studyhall and go to the sub's class and cause problems, since he wouldn't know I didn't belong there.

No one in the class ratted me out, so I sat there for about five minutes trying to think of some clever prank to pull. Nothing came to mind, so I decided I would just throw a fit and storm out upon the slightest provocation.

The sub was working out a problem on the board, and when he got to the answer -- 8.9 -- I stood up and shouted in horror, "Eight point nine? What do you mean eight point nine?" Then I started crying and ran from the room.

I later found out what happened after I left. The teacher, who was obviously a little surprised, asked the class what happened. My friend Doug said, "Don't worry. It's not your fault. You didn't know. His brother was killed by an 8.9."

That was a weird day.

My friend and colleague John Behling said he looked into the classroom where I was teaching the other week and saw me smiling, figuring I was "dissociating." I've never been happier.

Minnesota Mixtape 2007

Thank you:

The Daily Mole (I ran into Steve Perry at Springsteen--hadn't seen him since he left City Pages himself), MN Monitor, Cheek, Modern Radio message board, Blotter, MNSpeak, Reveille, JCollins, Riemenschneider (link expired).



Minnesota Mixtape 2007

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I proposed to Toasty in my "artist of the year" item on the Owls (City Pages 1/2/08), and she answered in the letters page, under "clarifications" (City Pages 1/9/08), MN Mixtape '07 (Idolator 1/18/08), I voted in 'Undisputed' champ: The top local albums of '07 (Star Tribune 12/27/07), I wrote the text for This Atlas Rocks months ago (The Blotter 12/20/07, and in City Pages), Rude Girl A-List (City Pages 12/19/07), previous roundup.

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