Minneapolis baby, New Orleans baby

Minneapolis baby, New Orleans baby
Beatrix Geneva Tortorello, daughter of Stephanie Curtis and Michael Tortorello, photographed a few hours after being born on October 25.


Email from Dara Moskowitz (October 26):

Hi Everybody! I just got off the phone with Steph Curtis--she is doing great! As is, I hear, Michael. They had a little baby girl, as yet unnamed, at 9 pm last night. She weighed six pounds, five ounces, has dark hair and dark eyes, came out and ate right away, after which Michael gave her her first bath.

They're at St. Joe's in St. Paul, room 204. So exciting! Hooray!

xoxo -Dara

Email from Michael (October 27):


Here's a picture of young Beatrix Geneva Tortorello, taken a few hours after her birth on Tuesday night.

Hope you are all well and in good spirits. G. is feeling good and (no less important) looking good.

take care, -M

Minneapolis baby, New Orleans baby
Mervin Hector Campbell (middle), son of Katy Reckdahl and Kid Merv Campbell, photographed with Frederick Sheppard and Eddieboh Paris in Phoenix a few months after being born in New Orleans, on August 28.


Email from Katy (November 17):


Since you've lived in New Orleans, I thought you'd appreciate this photo. Merv recruited the entire Treme Brass Band--they all are living here in Phoenix right now. So check this out--the guy on the left is Frederick Sheppard, who's played sax with Ray Charles and Otis Redding and has worked with Fats Domino since the 1970s. On the right is trombonist Eddieboh Paris, whose grandfather was the famous tap dancer Pork Chop. You already know the little guy.

Hope all is well. It's lovely to have all these musicians here--makes me feel less homesick for New Orleans.

xxx, k.

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