Military donations shift toward Dems, anti-war candidates

Traditionally considered a Republican constituency, uniformed members of the military are donating more and more money to Democratic candidates.

In the 2002 election cycle, which is the last full period before the war began, members of the military gave 23 percent of their donations to Democrats, the report says. So far this year, they have given 40 percent of their donations to Democrats, both for Congress and president.

That's a huge shift. Keep in mind also that these figures are total money donated, not a person-to-person tally of individuals in the military. The more affluent officer corps is chock full of Republicans, while tons of rank-and-file military members vote Democratic. The service is a more diverse enterprise than it's usually painted.

The numbers in that study were current as of last September, but according to an updated report from this month, it's still true.

Leading the pack among military donors is war opponent Barack Obama. On the Republican side, Ron Paul -- the sole vehemently anti-Iraq war voice among the GOP candidates -- received the most donations for service members. Can you draw any conclusions from this other than the obvious -- that those most intimately affected by the war would rather it ended, and right now?

One unrelated interesting note from the second link:

Youth vote, shmooth vote, Obama has raised more from retired individuals -- the second biggest donor group -- than any other remaining candidate.

Older Americans generally have higher turnout rates than other demographics, so this could be significant for Obama going forward.

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