Michele Bachmann on Larry King: gives Hillary a fashion review, gets name of her party wrong


With speech reviews rolling in, our own Michele Bachmann (R-Neptune) rolled onto CNN to give her glassy-eyed take on Hillary Clinton's just-delivered oration.

After Kay Bailey Hutchinson half-heartedly delivered a talking point or two and Dennis Prager went on a bizarre anti-government rant that had nothing to do with Clinton's speech, Bachmann was asked if Clinton had scored.

"I think she did make a score, especially with her tangerine-colored pantsuit."

Fair enough. But her fashion review but the only benchmark of coherency in a rambling 30 seconds that included a hit on John Edwards (?) and two frivolous references to the nonexistent "Democrat Party." Then, Larry King asked her for a prediction on who John McCain would choose for his vice presidential selection.

"I think he's going to pick to the right individual to lead the country."

Way to go out on a limb there, Stepford.

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