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Meet Diversity Compassion Orangutan

The Yes Men have been busy: Instead of promoting their uproarious new movie (now playing at the Lagoon Theater in Minneapolis), they've hit the road with their Yes Bush Can campaign in support of Bush/Cheney, collecting signatures in favor of tax cuts for the top 1% (in front of a 99-cent store in Redding, CA), and promoting gay divorce in the Castro with "Diversity Compassion Orangutan" (above). The duo arrives in Washington, D.C. Thursday, and you can read the details at the Yes Men's blog.

If you're near Minneapolis, and looking for something fun to catch between last weekend's Sound Unseen and this weekend's Central Standard film festivals, go see The Yes Men now. It's funnier than Fred Willard in Best in Show, funnier than Ben Stiller's Speedos in Meet the Parents. My review last week didn't do it justice.

The documentary represents the culmination, and intersection, of two unique careers in political art: First, there's the trail of political pranks that leads back to a group of anonymous anarchist types around the web site ®�ark, or "Artmark" (which  I wrote about in City Pages in 1998). Second, there are the films of Chris Smith, who has already made three of the best motion pictures of the past nine years: American Job, American Movie, and Home Movie. (All three are available at Riverwest Film and Video's webshop, along with Yes Men t-shirts, a CD by Tulip Sweet, and a 45 single by Competitorr, the Milwaukee band that features Yes Men co-director and American Movie producer Sarah Price.)

The result is a kind of left-wing political Jackass--and that's a good thing. For reference, the Yes Men's old fake sites (mentioned in my review) are GWBush.com (still up, but on hold until the election is over) and GATT.org. "If box office returns are sufficient," says the picture's web site, "The Yes Men will then move into the 'red' states." But this is a movie that belongs to the age, not to the election season...


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