McCain's problem with working-class white voters

Remember how one of Hillary Clinton's primary selling points was as the Democratic nominee was her ability to draw disaffected white voters away from John McCain? Remember how average, working Americans -- ahem -- were supposed to be a critical swing demographic? How voters ignored their candidates ability to appeal to this group at their peril?

Turns out, so far at least, that Caucasian 9-to-5ers do represent a huge obstacle for the nominee -- the Republican nominee.

A new Washington Post survey finds that John McCain trails Barack Obama by 10 percent among working-class white voters. Low-wage workers in general support the Democrat.

Obama's advantage is attributable largely to overwhelming support from two traditional Democratic constituencies: African Americans and Hispanics. But even among white workers -- a group of voters that has been targeted by both parties as a key to victory in November -- Obama leads McCain by 10 percentage points, 47 percent to 37 percent, and has the advantage as the more empathetic candidate. [Emphasis added]

One could proffer theories about why this is -- the end of our long national nightmare of peace and prosperity might make the list -- but a likely answer involves one of Hillary's signature issues: health care, a subject also central to Obama.

A key finding of the poll: "seven in 10 ... say government should focus on helping people like them find more affordable health insurance, a core component of Obama's campaign."

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