McCain's preacher problem makes Obama's pale in comparison

In watching the ever-widening flap about Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama, I've been stunned that the mainstream media has effectively ignored John McCain's relationship with John Hagee -- a pastor who is at least as inflammatory, and whose endorsement McCain actively sought.

A full litany of Hagee's offenses against sanity would fill the blog with non-Strib content, and nobody wants that. So I'll summarize: thinks Catholic church is whore of Babylon, metaphorically "drinking the blood of the Jewish people,"; thinks Hurricane Katrina was the fault of gay Americans; thinks the pope is like Hitler.

The New York Times' Frank Rich has noticed, and writes a terrific column about it, using the episode as a jumping off point to a broader conversation about race in the GOP.

Now, if someone will only write about Rod Parsley, I'll be mildly sated.

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