McCain rattles the saber with Russia again -- and Obama should pounce

I don't like to blog so soon about the same topic, but this Russia-Georgia situation just keeps getting worse. The right-wing saber-rattling is a great opportunity for Barack Obama to address the commander-in-chief issue while tarring his opponent as reckless and out of touch.

Yesterday, John McCain seemed to endorse a NATO peacekeeping force in South Ossetia. This was for reasons based partially on the Georgians' religious proclivities, which is odd, but whatever reason you want to come up with, it's a terrible idea. The armed forces are stretched thin, the blood's piling up in Iraq as the treasure depletes, and by the way, Russia's a dangerous nuclear power that we'd be taking on in their sphere of influence. Ask Germany how that works out.

Seriously, this attack ad writes itself. I wrote one in 30 seconds that you can find after the jump.

FADE IN to a grainy photo of a befuddled-looking McCain

VOICEOVER: "John McCain doesn't always know who the President of Russia is."

CUT TO: Video of McCain calling Vladmir Putin "President Putin of Germany."

VOICEOVER: "But he knows he wants to start a war with him."

CUT TO: Video of tanks rolling through Georgia. Text overlay of news clips saying "McCain endorses troops in Georgia," and the like.

VOICEOVER: "After taking us into one disastrous war in Iraq, why do George Bush and John McCain want to recklessly send American troops into harm's way again so soon?" Text overlay of Newsweek article endorsing sending the 82nd Airborne into South Ossetia as "tripwire troops" and an then an article talking about how irresponsible and dangerous that is.

CUT TO: Image of exhausted American soldier in Iraq.

VOICEOVER: "Our brave men and women have done their jobs. During a time when we need real leadership to get safely out of Iraq, why does John McCain want to stumble blindly into another war?"


I'm Jeff Shaw, and I approve this message. Barack? Call me. We'll do lunch.

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