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McCain exhibits media savvy, will release VP pick as everyone is leaving for the weekend

As Denver prepares for Barack Obama's speech today at Invesco Field, the McCain camp have a canny counterpunch planned. They will release the name of John McCain's running mate tomorrow.

This is an attempt to blunt the impact of a potential post-convention bounce for Obama. It's also the latest instance of strange timing in an odd year for releasing such news: McCain's doing it on a Friday, the day when people always try to bury bad news. Maybe that says something about who the pick is going to be.

Funny bitt about Mitt:

A self-made millionaire whose father was the governor of Michigan, Romney is also credited with saving the scandal-plagued Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, staged successfully in 2002.

"Governor Romney would help shore up (McCain's) perceived lack of economic experience," said Heath Hall, a senior policy analyst at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank.

First, Mitt Romney is not a self-made millionaire. His father was the chair of American Motors, so Mittens was silly rich before he was out of diapers. Second, why is there an assumption that rich people automatically have economic expertise? If that was the case, the GOP should have nominated Cindy McCain instead of John.

A quick and unscientific prediction: the pick's 55 percent likely to be Romney, 35 percent likely to be Tim Pawlenty, and 10 percent likely to be from the field (other candidates are rumored to be Tom Ridge and possibly Joe "Stench of Failure" Lieberman). Your thoughts?

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