McCain embraces Harry Potter hater

John Hagee has many disturbing traits -- his feelings that the Catholic church represents the Antichrist, that New Orleans had it coming from Katrina, and his open hatred of gays -- but John McCain's favorite preacher has another kooky belief that might present greater problems. He thinks Harry Potter is a tool designed to bring kids into the occult. Hell hath no fury like a Rowlingite scorned.

Mike Huckabee is dismayed that he didn't get the nod from Hagee, arguing that his principles are closer to the wingnut minister's. But be fair, Huck -- are you willing to go on video spewing unhinged anti-Catholic bigotry?

In case you're scoring at home, Democrats must scramble to denounce vile kooks like Louis Farrakahn (even if they've done so many times in the past, and are in no way affiliated). Republicans must scramble to get endorsements from vile kooks, and can proudly take the stage with them. As usual, Glenn Greenwald has the goods.

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