Maybe they just don't like him ...

I've never been a fan of Bradke Ball--the guy had one great season, his stuff would be better-than-good only if he were left-handed, he rarely shows the tougher-than-nails determination to be a true staff ace--but it's hard not to feel a little sorry for him these days.


Last night's pathetic support at the plate in the 4-0 loss in the Bronx is just the latest example of the Twins ditching out on poor Bradke. (Though he did give up a patented, aggravating early-inning home run.)

The staff ace--a truism about the man only if you work in the Twins' promotion department--has a shabby record of 6-10 this season. His ERA is hovering around a respectable 3.9, so what's the problem?

The team has scored 16 runs in his 10 losses. Idiot math will tell you that's less than two runs a game.

One could conclude, if one were being a cynic, that the team finds Radke to be a less-than-inspiring leader. But one would then be ignoring the pathetic run production that the Twins have offered the rest of the starting rotation.

The more startling stat: Since the All-Star break, the Twinkies are batting .188 with runners in scoring position.

Finally, one more thought to add to Chuck Terhark's trade-rumor post below: I was barely hot on him before, but I think the Twins missed out now that Joe Randa is a Padre. His .289, 13 HR, 48 RBI stat line before the trade looks much better to the average Twins fan than it might have back when we all believed the team could hit. (Platoon infielder and default third baseman Michael Cuddyer is currently .259, 5 HR, 24 RBI.) And his $2.1 million salary is one expense the Twins could have afforded for one season with a 35-year-old at third base.

Random thought: My buddy Dave, who, because of relocation has to claim the Dodgers as his team--but never, ever the dreaded Angels--thinks the Twins should sign Rickey Henderson. According to the LA Times, Rickey's ready.

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