Mallman thankyou

From "The Passion of the Mallman":

Here's the version I got of the letter Mallman sent out to many, many fans, friends, and musicians:

Peter -

Wow, you stayed a long time - I hope you had fun! I had a blast. I'm sending off thank yous to everyone who performed. Half of the email is personal to each person, but the other half is the same, here is what it says...thought you'd be interested....

...The rest of my email that is a form letter because some of my fingers are black and blue and it hurts to type. But please read it, because I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

It�s Tuesday night and I�ve been sleeping on and off for the last 24 hours � I didn�t realize what a toll all that physical movement and lack of sleep would take on me.

EVERYBODY I asked to be a part of this is someone that I�ve seen exhibit a great passion for music in some form, from the less experienced to the true masters like Rich Mattson and Jessy Greene � everybody was GREAT!

I want to give a special shout out to Marty Dosh for playing on his Birthday. If you see him, give him a pat on the back, his hands looked like bubble wrap after how fast Paddy D4, myself, and Kermit Superhopper made him play non stop for that hour � Marty, I warned you.

Also, if you need a soundguy, Matt Donarski ran sound for more than 25 hours! Bless him.

When I walked off the stage, after the encore, it felt like any other show to me, it didn�t seem like 52.4 hours of constant music � the power of music is an enigmatic force out of which it continually surprises and enlightens. We do not choose to do this, it chooses us � at that must be treated as something precious � because what kept me awake, and what keeps me alive, is our uniqueness as players, and our similarities as musical persons.

I am at the point of tears as I type these very lines, because so many people were willing to help me achieve my crazy vision. I know MARATHON 2 seems crazy, but craziness is something very important to the integrity of waht I do - and I've so much gratitude for helping me create the ultimate realization of rock craziness.

It was a vision in my mind that needed to be realized�-and I am so very very very grateful to you all for helping me realize the single most intense musical experience of my 31 years on this earth.

I would like to close with the opening lines of the Marathon song�

It started out as a joke I told

But destiny soon revealed would unfold

Into a heap of madness on a journey of the mind

The Marathon would be like none of any kind

�Let�s rock like the pros rock it, let's rock it in prose.

--Mark Mallmen

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