Logic Takes a U-Turn

Ron Paul, the straight-shooting OB-GYN/republican representative of Texas' 22nd district might be the only candidate for either major party who can openly disparage a group of people, and bank on their support.

It's reached an almost comedic point where if Ron Paul says something nasty about a group of people, that group, for whatever strange reason, seems compelled to support him. In The New Republic, James Kirchick thoroughly examines and documents Paul's decades-old tactic of using newsletters for the purpose of deriding blacks, gays, and liberals. Perhaps these groups haven't heard Paul's comments, perhaps they don't care, either way here are a couple choice contradictions of political statement and public support: · In a 1992 newsletter, Paul wrote the about the L.A. riots "Order was only restored in L.A. when it came time for the blacks to pick up their welfare checks three days after rioting began" among other belittling statements. Furthermore, white supremacist Don Black donated to Paul's campaign. And yet in a baffling disruption of logic Paul is the leading Republican vote getter among blacks. · In 1990 Paul wrote, "gays in San Francisco do not obey the dictates of good sense," adding: "[T]hese men don't really see a reason to live past their fifties. They are not married, they have no children, and their lives are centered on new sexual partners." But apparently that is not enough to keep Gays and Lesbians for Ron Paul from supporting him.

If this trend holds, wouldn't it seem that the best move Paul could make is to make borderline hate speech comments about all parts of the American population?

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