Local Music Yearbook 2006--I need anecdotes

class=img_thumbleft>Once again I'm putting together a month-by-month account of the Year in Minnesota Music 2006, so if you have any anecdotes, favorite live moments, news, gossip, CD releases, disasters, breakthroughs, band breakups, signings, closings, openings, deaths, rebirths, debuts, fads, quotes, or anything else you want people to remember from this year, please take 20 minutes and jot them down and

send them

tomorrow (Friday). I'm putting this together Saturday. (Click the photo for

last year's version


Hints: A national band setting fire to a local club counts as local; so does a local band setting fire to an out-of-town club. Sooner is better than later, so stream-of-consciousness emails would be preferred to completeness (or length). Also, I'm looking for any cool photos, flyers, or other visuals from the music scene you might have. These can come later. As always, if I use your actual writing, you'll get paid and credited. If I use your unique info, you'll get quoted or thanked. If that info is about you, you'll get name-dropped. Call with any questions: 612.372.3764.

Recently posted elsewhere:


T.I. mashed up with Jimi Hendrix

(8/2), CTG:

Quest announcement that obviously didn't pan out


CTG: S**t, Goddamn, get off your ass and jam


Picked to Click 2006

(8/7), CTG:

Late pass: Video of Tapes 'n Tapes on Letterman

(8/7) CTG:

Meet the new City Pages music editor

(8/15), CP:

Cold Rock a Party: Why Heat rap better without men

(8/16), CP:

Living Like a Monk: How Minnesota musicians revived '60s rockers the Monks

(8/16), CP:

review of Bunkers: An American Music Story

(8/16), CP:

Trama Ward: A New Yorker in Minnesota raps his contradictions, invites guests

(8/23), CTG:

Star Central closes its rock stage after this weekend

(8/25), CP:

review of The Rough Guide to West African Gold

(9/6), CP:

Picked to Click XVI: This One Goes to 11!

(9/27), CTG:

Picked to Click Top 40

(9/27), CP:

So You Want to Be a Reggaeton Star: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Maria Isa

(9/27), CP:

Snakes is High! Three Things About the Awesome Snakes that Are Awesome and Snakelike

(9/27), CTG:

Aardvark Records goes out rocking

(9/27), CTG:

Nope, the Quest is still not open yet



review of Various Artists: Life of Monotony: Six Bands from Minneapolis

(10/11), CP:

Talk Hardcore to Me: Doc-making punks discuss their decline of Midwestern civ

(10/18), CP:

review of Wesley Willis: The Daddy of Rock 'n' Roll

(11/6), CP:

Who is Mick Jones? The Clash and Carbon/Silicon guitarist talks about life after Joe Strummer

(11/8), CF back pages:

The Clash, A-Z

(11/20), CP:

Reggaeton Animal: Immigrant dreams, dirty dancing, and the revolution: Meet the new Latin hip hop of Maria Isa and Danny y Elliot

(11/22), CP:

The Shelf Life of Socialism: Inside a Leninist bookstore in West St. Paul, a familiar refrain: What is to be done?

(11/29), CP:

Enter Sandman: Why Neil Gaiman is about to become bigger than death

(11/29) CF back pages:

Jamaican and Caribbean music links, A-D

(7/22), CF back pages:

Jamaican and Caribbean Music Links, E-L

(11/5), CF back pages:

Jamaican and Caribbean music links, M-R

(8/27), CF back pages:

Jamaican and Caribbean music links, S-Z


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