Local Hold'em players descend on Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker

class=img_thumbleft>Judd Greenagel, F.O.B. (friend of Balls) and co-owner of

Chippy Poker

, the company that holds free Texas Hold'em tournaments in area bars, hit Las Vegas last Wednesday with a few Chippy regulars to participate in the

World Series of Poker

. Greenagel agreed to send Balls a few updates on how the Minnesota contingent was faring in the biggest poker tournament of the year. Events include Texas Hold'em Limit, Omaha Pot Limit, 7-Card-Stud Hi/Lo, Pot Limit, No Limit, among others, with the winner of each event earning the coveted World Series of Poker Gold Bracelet. The winner of the Main Event is crowned World Champion.

Greenagel started at the No-Limit Hold'em tourney hosted by the South Point Hotel and Casino, and in the first five hours, built up his chip stack by $900. "The first hand I won an $800 pot on a flop of 8, 9, J—all hearts." Two players before Greenagel went all in, and he followed. The first player held an A-2 of hearts for the nut flush. Player two had three 9's. Both were a bit shocked when Greenagel turned over a 7-10 of hearts for a straight flush. "It's nice to not have to worry about the turn and river in a pot like that," Greenagel said.

The other notable hand of the day came when Greenagel went all in holding 6-6 after the flop came 6-3-9. Another player holding 9-9 called. Greenagel turned to the short-stacked player and predicted they would see another 6 before the end of the hand, and indeed, a 6 of hearts came on the turn, giving Greenagel four of a kind. By 8pm, Greenagel had lost about $400 of his profit and decided to take a break.

Check back for future updates from the World Series of Poker!

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