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Lincoln endorses the vote for DC

By Beth Walton via phone

After a short break from the Republican shenanigans, I stepped back into 1860. There he was, Abraham Lincoln, posing for photos.

Lincoln had come to Minneapolis to talk about DC. What 80 percent of Americans don't know is that the Boston Tea Party is still hot today, except nowadays the American government is the new enemy.

Tipping his hat, Eli Zigas, a program associate for DC Vote, impersonated Lincoln. The nearly 600,000 people in DC, a population greater than the state of Wyoming, pay the second-highest taxes per capita -- yet they have no vote in the Congressional or Senate floor, he says.

"It's a bipartisan issue," says Zigas. "DC Vote was in Denver last week. We've had good reception in both places, but there's a bit more work to do here."

Despite changing times, Zigas said, if Lincoln were alive today, he'd still be a Republican. As he spoke of taxation without representation, Georgia delegate Aleq Boyle interrupted.

"Where I come from, we call that the American government."

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