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Balls new City Pages sports blog

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Complicated Fun hit count

Complicated Fun referers

Culture to Go City Pages pop blog

Culture to Go old blog

Friendster Scholtes page

Going out in Duluth, Minnesota

Going Out in Madison, Wisconsin

Joseph Golden reviews (not yet updated)

I Hate 1984 complete links

Jamaican Music links

Myspace Scholtes page

Scholtes archive outside City Pages

Scholtes articles on TC hip hop and the old school

Scholtes City Pages archive

Sex links

TC All-Ages Club Guide

TC Babelogue City Pages link blog

TC Hip-Hop Links

TC Old-School Hip Hop Page

Top 100 albums of all time

Top 100 movies of the 1980s

Top 100 movies of the 1990s

Top 100 movies of the 2000s

Why "Complicated Fun"?

Why the "S."?

                                                    GOING OUT IN MINNEAPOLIS AND ST. PAUL

400 Bar

All-Ages Club Guide


Beat Radio dance club list

Blue Nile

Bunker's calendar

Cabooze calendar

Cajun/Zydeco events

City Pages A-List

City Pages calendar

Clear Channel Entertainment

Clown Lounge

Country Western Bars in MN

Creative Electric Studios

D.U. Nation hip-hop calendar


District 202

Dr. Farrago

El Nuevo Rodeo

Escape Ultra Lounge

First Avenue/7th St. Entry



Gretchen Williams Events

Independent Music Foundation shows

Intermedia Arts

Karma Minneapolis

Krewe de Walleye calendar

Le Cirque Rouge de Gus cabaret

Lee's Liquor Lounge

Lili's Burlesque Revue cabaret


Melle's Beauty Bar


Minneapolis Underground

MN Blues Calendar

MNVibe events page

More Cowbell blog

Nomad World Pub


A Prairie Home Companion live


Radio K concert calendar

Red Carpet calendar

Sound-In-Motion dance nights

Thrifty Hipster

Ticket King Online

Triple Rock Social Club

Turf Club

Twin Cities Alternative Shows List

Twin Cities Alt Shows List by date

V2 Nightlife

Varsity Theater

Walker Art Center

Wellstone World Music Day


                                                    ROCK & ROLL IN MINNEAPOLIS AND ST. PAUL

Andrews Sisters

Audiology Concepts

The Big Ticket blog

Black-Eyed Snakes

Bleeding Hickeys

Blind Carbon Copy blog

CD Baby MN

Cheapo Discs

Cities 97 Minnesota Music radio

City Pages music

Choplogic band blog

Culture to Go City Pages pop blog

The Current 89.3 FM

The Current message board

D.U. Nation

D.U. Nation forum

David De Young blog

Dolores Dewberry new blog

Dolores Dewberry old log


Down in the Valley

Drinking With Ian TV show blog

Bob Dylan

Electric Fetus CD store

Extreme Noise Records

Fergie Frederiksen message board

Fillmore Jive blog


Gothling forum

Heads & Bodies


The Hold Steady

Hott Lixxx

How Was the Show? blog

How Is the Show's photos? photo blog

Hüsker Dü

Industry Magazine

Mason Jennings

Juxtaposition Arts

KMOJ radio

Koidar Radio K documentary

KQ Homegrown radio


Ladies & Gentlemen magazine

Let It Be Records


Local Music with Chris Roberts on the Current 89.3 FM

Los Nativos


Mark Mallman

Marlee MacLeod blog

Minneapolis Liberator

Minneapolis Love

MNVibe forum

MN Music Scene forum

Minnesota Music Academy

Minnesota Music Directory

Minnesota Rock and Country Hall of Fame

Minnesota Sur Seine

Mint Condition

Minxette blog

Misplaced Music radio

MNSpeak.com blog

MSP Goth

Mshale African Community Newspaper

Modern Radio forum

Music Scene Network

Nate on Drums TV Show

No Small Compass forum

The Owls

Perfect Duluth Day blog

Plaid Rabbit

Plastic Constellations

Prince.org fan site

Pulse of the Twin Cities music

PunkFunkRockPop: The Minneapolis Music Collection

Radio K radio

Radio K's 'Off the Record' radio

Ross Raihala blog

Rockrant blog

Chris Riemenschneider columns

Rift Magazine

Rhymesayers Entertainment

Sin Twitties blog

Sara Softich

Sounds of Blackness

South Side Clique

The Soviettes


Star Tribune local music

The Steeles

TC Electropunk

TC Hip Hop links


TC Old-School Hip Hop Page

TCPunk forum

Twin Citiescape

Bobby Vee

Vital Vinyl

Ana Voog blog

Walt Mink the movie blog


                                                    ROCK & ROLL EVERYWHERE

Acclaimed Music lists

Ace Records


Africa1 radio

African Hip Hop

African Music Home Page

Africas Gateway


Against Me!

All Music Guide

BJ Allen

Alternative Gamelon


Andante classical music

Ari Up

Band to Band (a.k.a. "Six Degrees of Steve Albini")

Barn Burner Music New Orleans

Benn Loxo du Taccu Senegalese audioblog

Chuck Berry

La Blogoteque cool French blog

Blood and Fire

James Brown Home Pages

Carbon Silicon

The Casbah in San Diego

Jimmy Castor

Charts from around the world

Clash links

Classic 45s

John Coltrane

Contact Records (Yoko Sawai)

Crimson Sweet

Crucial Jamaican music links

DJ Jazzy Jeff

Dallas-Fort Worth hip hop forum

Dance Crasher

Dancehall Fans Against Homophobia

Danger Mouse

De La Soul Spitkicker web site

Desmond Dekker


Disco Savvy


Diva Delight house divas galore

Dusty Grooves

Electric Boogaloos

Enablers blog


Estrojam 2004

Fela Project

Fluxblog audio blog

Funkmaster J's Go-Go Links

Forced Exposure


Gay Hip Hop

Geisha Asobi blog

Gig Posters


Go-Go Live

Go Johnny Go! John Kass mail order

Grand Slam Magazine

Al Green

Hip Hop DX forum

Hip: The History

Hit da Breakz cool Portuguese blog

Jolie Holland

The Hound radio

I Love Music forum

ILMixor blog

Infinite Wheel dub selector


Joan Jett

KFAI radio

Steve Keene art

The King of France

The Knockoff Project (album cover homages)

Let the Good Times Roll radio

Let Them Sing It For You

Linton Kwesi Johnson

Little Steven's Underground Garage radio

Magnetic Fields blog

Metal Sludge

MF Doom

MF Doom message board

Mighty Sparrow

Minutemen movie: We Jam Econo

Mission of Burma

Juana Molina

Monkeyfilter forum

The Monks

Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else mp3 blog

Non-Prophets forum

Offbeat: New Orleans music magazine


Orchestra Baobab

Joel Paterson

Peaches Records and Tapes (New Orleans hip hop)

Lee "Scratch" Perry

The Pogues

Pop Vultures radio

Public Enemy


Professor Longhair


A Quarter Of vintage candy

Radio K radio

Rare Records

Rebirth Brass Band


Rhino Records

Rick Dees Weekly Top 40

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock's Back Pages Online Library


Rockcritics Daily blog

Rock Lists

Henry Rollins radio show

Roots Archives

Rough Guides

Rounder Records

Runaways Message Board

SST Superstore

St. Louis punk forum

Senerap Senegalese Hip Hop

Seven Heads Enterprises

Steve Severin


The Shop Assistants

Shout! Factory

Snoop Dogg Shizzolator

Soul Jazz Records

Sound Bytes Records

Sound Opinions rock talk radio

Johnny Spencer record art

SpitKicker Message Board


Stern's Africa

Stompy Jones my cousin Peter "Pops" Walsh's band

Stones Throw

The Streets

Suicide Girls Radio

Take Me Out to the Go-Go

Tapir's Reggae Discographies

Teen Beat

That Go-Go

Trojan Records

Trouser Press


United State of Electronica

Upcoming CD Releases


Upsetters Riddim Shower

VP Records

Vinyl Exhange forum

WFMU freeform radio

WRUW Cleveland freeform radio

WWOZ New Orleans Roots Radio

Mike Watt's Hoot Page

We Funk radio

Wolfgang's Vault vintage memorabilia

You Have Bad Taste In Music

Youssou N'Dour

X Plastaz



Atomic Midnights at St. Anthony Main

Roger Avary blog

Jeff Bridges blog

Brookdale 8 Discount Theater

Central Standard Film Festival

Cinema Slop

Cinema Treasures

City Pages movie clock

City Pages reviews

Zooey Deschanel

Discount Video

District Del Sol movies and music

Drive-In Theaters in MN

Peter Falk

Free Range Film Festival

Get Real film festival

Grandview 2

Heights and Apache 6

Independent Film Project

Intercontinental Video

Internet Movie Database

Kwailawai South African film blog

Landmark (Uptown/Lagoon/Edina)

Loring Park Movies and Music


Minnesota Film Arts

Oak Street Cinema

Omnitheater at Science Museum

Omintheater official site

Parkway Theatre

Parkway Theatre current showtimes

Riverview Theater

Roseville 4 Theater

Saint Anthony Main

Amy Sedaris

Sound Unseen Film and Music Festival

StarTribune movies

Stillwater movies and music

Top 100 Movie Lists

Twin Cities Black Film Festival

U Film Society

Upcoming Film Releases



ActNow blog

American Kurdish Information Network

Arise! Bookstore and Resource Center

®�ark (a.k.a. "Artmark")

Howard Dean blog

Democracy Now! radio

God Hates Shrimp

History News Network

Dennis Kucinich blog

Little Green Footballs blog

Minneapolis Issues Forum

Minnesota Critical Mass

Minnesota NARAL

The Messopotamian Iraqi blog


Palestinian National Initiative

The Passion of the Present blog for Sudan

Project USA

Radical Teen Cheer

The Radicalendar

Straight Talk Radio

Twin Cities Independent Media Center

Where to Vote

Yes Men



3AM Magazine

The Agonist blog


American Idle blog

Anthemic Pop Wonder blog

Arthur Magazine

The Beat Surrender Magazine

Blotter City Pages news blog

Brainpower State blog

City Pages (Twin Cities)

City Pages archive

City Pages most popular

City Paper (Baltimore)

City Paper (Washington, D.C.)

Civil Liberties Watch blog

Close Your Eyes blog

Cocaine Blunts blog

The Coolout blog

Corn and Death blog

Couch Pundit blog


Creem Media

Culture to Go City Pages pop blog

Cursor link blog

The Cyclops blog

Daily Kos blog

Davey D's Hip Hop Daily News

East-Lake blog

Escape Velocity blog


Fark link blog

Fecal Face blog and magazine

Flux Apparatition blog

Found Magazine

Fraterslibertas blog

Gambit Weekly (New Orleans)

Gawker blog

Girlwonder blog

Hardflip skate blog


Harper's Index

Healing Iraq Iraqi blog

Hip Mama blog

Hiphopmusic blog

How Was the Show? blog

How Is the Show's Photos? photo blog

Huffington Post group blog

Hulk's Diary blog

I Will Dare blog

Iraq Blog Count Iraqi blogs

The Independent

Industry Magazine Minneapolis

Insight News


Just One Bite blog

KPC Weeblog blog

Keywords blog

L.A. Weekly

Late Show Top Ten List

Left Business Observer

Living Out (coming soon)


The Memory Hole

Memphis Flyer

Metal Judgement

Minneapolis Liberator

Minneapolis Observer

MN Blogs

MNSpeak.com blog

MNSpeak Aggregator blogs

MNStories video blog

Modern Drunkard Magazine

My Brain Is Made of Things Made of Gold blog

The Nation



NewPatriot.org blog

New York Review of Books

The New Yorker

No Force No Fraud blog

Norwegianity blog

Obscure Store Reading Room

The Onion

Onion AV Club

PR Watch spin of the day

Pareidolia blog

Perfect Day Duluth group blog


Political Theory Daily Review link blog

Punk Planet

Race Traitor

The Rake

The Rake new blog

The Rake old blog

Ripsaw News

Rocks Off blog

Rhythms247 blog



Seattle Weekly music


The Smoking Gun

So Sinsurr blog

Soul-sides blog

Spokesman Recorder

Stereo-Type/Gallery of Sound

Streets if Pizza pizza delivery blog

Strike! Metro Transit blog

StumbleUpon blog (discontinued, though I'll keep the link anyway just in case)

Taxprof blog

TC Babelogue

TC Punk zine

Tha Formula

ThirdEye blog

Talking Points Memo blog



Twin Cities Babelogue link blog

Undernews blog

Vanity Fair (new site)

Varla Magazine

Velvet Rut New Orleans blog

The Village Voice

Washington Monthly blog


Willamette Weekly music

ZNet blog



Eric Alterman blog

G.R. Anderson articles

Ryan Anderson blog

Michael Anthony articles

Atrios blog

Christopher Bahn link blog

Dave Barry blog

Britt Barton-Lindsay blog

Greg Beato blog

Michael Berube blog

Matt Bivens blog

Eric Boehlert articles

Susie Bright blog

Franklin Bruno blog

David Byrne blog

Jon Caramanica blog

Clayborne Carson

Jeff Chang blog

Barrett Chase blog

Robert Christgau page

Noam Chomsky blog

Noam Chomsky.info blog

Matt Cibula blog

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