Leader of the Sacks

Former Vikings defensive end and 2006 team sack leader Darrion Scott was sentenced yesterday for putting a plastic bag over his son's head. It's the same old story for Vikings sack machines. For the past five seasons, the Vikings' best sacker has been found to be, at some point in his career, in violation of NFL steroid or substance rules or the law. Here's a year-by-year sack leader misdeed round up.


As a rookie,

Kevin Williams

got his career and rap sheet off to impressive starts with 10.5 sacks and a DUI arrest. After pro-bowl 2004 season in which he recorded 11.5 sacks, Williams was arrested in 2005 and charged with third degree domestic violence. Since then, his best year for sacks 5 in 2006.

2005: Probably the most memorable part of the 2005 NFL season was the Vikings' Love Boat scandal on Lake Minnetonka. After opening the season 1-3, 17 players partied it up on two boats, allegedly engaging in sex acts and other lewd behavior. Defensive end Lance Johstone, though never charged with a crime, was one of two players that paid for the chartered boats. The fallout included a new team code of conduct, and marred the team's reputation as they lobbied the state legislature for a new stadium. Johnstone finished the season with 7.5 sacks, the Vikings ended 9-7 and out of the playoffs.

2006: Darrion Scott was sentenced yesterday for placing a bag over his son's head. It gives a new meaning to 'sack leader,' but puns aside, the guy pleaded guilty to child endangerment for putting a plastic bag over his kid's head. The child apparently wasn't seriously injured. But it gets worse. His sentence was a fine of $200 and taking parenting classes. He could have received a year in prison and $3,000 fine. And here's the kicker: Scott also pleaded guilty to two traffic violations, receiving a fine of $450. That's right, a heftier fine for being a bad driver than for potentially suffocating your child. Scott is currently unsigned, but the NFL gave him a three-game suspension anyway.

2007: Defensive end Ray Edwards finished the season in a three-way tie atop the team sack tally, but missed four games after testing positive for steroids. The Vikings finished the season 2-2 without him, and 8-8 on the season. He recently showed up to training camp, but back ailments landed him on the physically unable to perform list.

2008: Jared Allen? When the Vikings signed former Kansas City Chief Pro-Bowl defensive end Jared Allen to a six-year contract worth $73 million, they made him the highest paid defensive player in NFL history. Everybody is expecting big things from him. But the star came with a lot of baggage, most notably for pounding liquor when he wasn't pounding quarterbacks. Allen, who piled up 15.5 sacks last season, has twice been arrested for drunk driving, and served a suspension for booze and substance abuse. He says now that he's been sober for 20 months. Good for him. But if he does slip up again, he'll be in good company.

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