Laughin' and clownin': Atmosphere in the atmosphere

Laughin' and clownin': Atmosphere in the atmosphere

Just came back from seeing my friend Machelle from New Orleans at the C.C. Club, where we put NBC on the TV sets and watched Atmosphere on Conan O'Brien with a few other people who recognized them--Cecil Otter of Doomtree was there. The sound was drowned out by the speedmetal on the jukebox.

I have to teach in the morning, and will probably drive to work with Lemons on in the car again. I'm too tired to write what I have built up inside my head about it. I don't think anyone, me and Slug included, has quite articulated what the secret glow inside this album is.

Meanwhile, I'll have to miss Sunday's Atmospalooza while seeing family in Milwaukee. The concert will be filmed for a locally-made feature documentary. To warm up, here are some Atmosphere-related articles and video from the past couple months, along with the journalistic equivalent of golden oldies...

Atmosphere articles, appearances, and video, new to old:

Soundset '08 cypher on RSE Radio (audio on youtube) Stream archived shows here.

Sound Set '08 youtube promo (Or is that Soundset '08?)

Atmosphere: Greatest rap battle ever: Slug vs. Faheem (Brother Ali's son)

Atmosphere on Conan O'Brien (night of 5/21/08)

"Puppets" and "Shoulda Known" live

Atmosphere, "Shoulda Known" live on MTV

Atmosphere, Lemonade Stand MTV spot

Atmosphere, "You" spot on MTV

Ice Rod doing Atmosphere Karaoke in Los Angeles

ILX thread

DUNation thread

Top 20 Atmosphere songs at undergroundhiphop

Atmosphere: the golden age (TC Daily Planet 5/9/08)

Last Night: Atmosphere at the Grand (All Shook Down 5/9/08)

Interview: Atmosphere's Sean Daley, a.k.a. Slug (Twin Cities Daily Planet 5/8/08)

Atmosphere at the Henry Fonda Theater (Los Angeles Times 5/8/08)

MTV artist of the week (MTV 5/7/08) [lots more video links in there]

Interrogation: Slug of Atmosphere Q & A (The Stranger 5/6/08)

Atmosphere's 'Lemons" earns a sweet No. 5 spot (Star Tribune 4/30/08)

Purple Rain Dogs: Tom Waits for Prince Fans--Or How Atmosphere Went Electro (City Pages (4/30/08)

Atmosphere's growing pains (Status Ain't Hood 4/29/08)

Atmosphere's When Life Gives You Lemons...: Ostensibly mature indie-rappers woo baristas, unconvincingly (Village Voice 4/29/08)

Atmosphere goes for the 'Gold' (Minneapolis Star Tribune 4/24/08)

Atmosphere: more than a feeling (XLR8R 4/23/08)

Minneapolis hip-hop duo breathes life into Atmosphere (Boston Herald 4/23/08)

Atmosphere paints them lemons gold (Okayplayer 4/22/08)

Back to the Terrordome: Chuck D and Slug ( 4/21/08)

Minneapolis is Rhymesayers (Impose Magazine 4/18/08)

Paint It Gold Episode 1 (go through all the episodes at youtube, they're pretty damn funny)

Atmosphere, "Shoulda Known" video

Atmosphere, "Guarantees" video

Here comes a regular: Slug and Ant bring Atmosphere back home (City Pages 11/9/05)

And on the ninth day Sean rested: a blow-by-blow account of Slug's weeklong stand in the 7th St. Entry (City Pages 1/19/05)

One nation, invisible: the untold story of TC hip hop, 1981-1996 (City Pages 8/18/04)

Hip-Hop Mysterioso: Interview with Ant (complicatedfun 12/11/03)

11 Questions With Slug (IGN 4/5/03)

Robert Christgau's Atmosphere reviews

Rhyme Out of Joint: Rising rap star Slug is a master at putting words in order. Now why won't his life fall into place? (City Pages 7/5/00)

Greil Marcus's Real life Top Ten (Salon 8/23/99)

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