Lakers Fans safe at Mayslack’s Bar.

As Kobe and Pau return home to Hollywood tonight to defend their turf, Lakers fans are on edge. This wasn’t how it was supposed to turn out.They’re down 2-0, with KG and Paul Pierce ready to pounce. A loss tonight would force them to accept the inevitable defeat and then sidetrack themselves with hideous distractions, like Euro Cup 2008.

For Lakers fans in the Twin Cities, the entire series is especially difficult. They are in a town that is rooting for Boston to take it all. Residents of the Twin Cities would rather rollerblade around a lake in a spandex leotard than see Phil Jackson lift his tenth title. It’s a scary place for those who believe in Magic. Even the paleness of our fair citizenry is a haunting reminder of Larry the Legend and his invisible blond mustache.

But there is one place in the Twin Cities where Lakers fans are welcome to watch tonight’s game: Mayslack’s Bar. This northeast haunt is safe place to bust out the yellow and purple, Kurt Rambis rec-specs and maybe even a Luke Walton jersey. But it’s not because the owner has a secret crush on Ronny Turiaf. A friendly waitress mentioned to us the reason why it would be fine to cheer for the Lakers: Mayslack’s doesn’t really care about sports.

But they do have plenty of televisions…

Tip-off is at 8 p.m.

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