Kevin McHale: Too sleepy for his own good

Fifteen years ago, film great Robert Altman directed The Player, a masterpiece about the marriage of greed and success in Hollywood. In it, an ambitious young director is shopping an idea for a movie about a woman wrongly sentenced to death.


The young director shares his vision of the film with Griffin Mill, a studio executive played by Tim Robbins. "No stars!" the director says, his eyes gleaming with passion.

The director also insists that the woman die in the gas chamber just before she is vindicated. "Because that is real life," he says.

So, I have a feeling that Kevin McHale watched The Player and was struck by the vision of this fictional young director. Indeed, I think that he may be building his team around that vision.

But there's a problem. In Altman's film, the director eventually changes his tune: He winds up casting Bruce Willis and Julia Roberts, and, after test-audiences pan his ending, he alters it so that Willis rescues Roberts from the gas chamber at the last possible moment. The moral: Stars are good, happy endings are good, and the two usually go hand in hand.

While I admire McHale for trying to make T-Wolves fans experience the gritty reality of life with no stars, I'm afraid that he might have done better by not sleeping through the last 45 minutes of the movie.

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