John McCain supports Michele Bachmann's oil drilling plans

Yesterday Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann

held a press conference

at a service station to call for opening up oil drilling in the United States, claiming it could bring the price of gas to $2 a gallon.

Bachmann's proposing what she calls the "No More Excuses Energy Act." It's a far-reaching plan to open up oil drilling from Alaska to America's off shore coasts and build more nuclear plants and oil refineries.

"So this is our answer. The question is one of supply and demand. We want to increase the source of supply, so that we can get back to $2 a gallon," said Bachmann.

Now it looks like Bachmann was the tip of the spear for a GOP strategy to turn domestic drilling into a wedge issue. Republican presidential candidate John McCain also came out in support of drilling yesterday:

McCain's announcement is a reversal of the position he took in his 2000 presidential campaign and a break with environmental activists, even as he attempts to win the support of independents and moderate Democrats. Since becoming the presumptive GOP nominee in March, McCain has presented himself as a friend of the environment by touting his plans to combat global warming and his opposition to drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and in the Everglades.

Backfill: This may also drive a wedge between McCain and potential running mate Charlie Crist:

The senator's push to end the ban is sure to annoy two key Republican allies -- California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Florida Gov. Charlie Crist -- both of whom oppose drilling off their states' coastlines.

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