Joe Biden calls bullshit on George Bush

The polite media can't say it, but you can't be too prudish when your paper has sex ads in the back. Yes, Joe Biden said bullshit.

Not "bullsh*t" or "a barnyard expletive." Joe Biden called bullshit.

He was referring to President Bush's thinly veiled swipe at Barack Obama in which the president compared the Democratic nominee to a Nazi appeaser.

In Israel, no less.

So Joe Biden called bullshit. Here is the full text:

“This is bullshit. This is malarkey. This is outrageous. Outrageous for the president of the United States to go to a foreign country, sit in the Knesset…and make this kind of ridiculous statement,” Biden said angrily in a brief interview just off the Senate floor.

“He’s the guy who’s weakened us. He’s the guy that’s increased the number of terrorists in the world. His policies have produced this vulnerability the United States has. His intelligence community pointed that out not me. The NIE has pointed that out and what are you talking about, is he going to fire Condi Rice? Condi Rice has talked about the need to sit down. So his first two appeasers are Rice and Gates. I hope he comes home and does something.”

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