Jesus Christ, Not Again...

If there's one thing to really worry this baseball fan, it's not so much that the Twins will or won't make it to the postseason in 2007 or that Barry Bonds is going to hit his 756th home run. The former would be awesome, the latter is inevitable, but it's another scenario that give me the fidgets. What's worse is the fact that, after tonight, the New York Fucking Yankees are now only 3 games out of the wild card spot.

Sure, the Twins won tonight, 5-3, and looked good doing so, inched closer to the playoffs when Cleveland lost. But the Yankees stand between us and that coveted second-place berth. Maybe Seattle will do the dirty work and stop the Yanks, maybe Cleveland will stay strong. But the Yanks scare me... oh, they scare me.

It looked so good for the longest time. The Bombers had lousy pitching, and still do for the most part, and their hitting was erratic. Well, it's not quite as erratic as it was before. Roger Clemens is starting to show off his stuff (and still manage to avoid any hint of steroid use), Alex Rodriguez is cooling off yet still a threat, Godzilla's going strong, and they're winning, dammit. That bugs the crap out of me.

At least Doug Mientkiewicz sucks. Did I mention that the New York Yankees beat the reeling White Sox 16-3, with eight home runs?

While the Yankees are no doubt not going to take the Eastern Division title, there's no question that they might just march to the World Series if they make it to the postseason. It's a crapshoot in October, folks: anyone can win that makes it to the finals. Wild Card teams have proven themselves to be formidable. Not to mention the fact that coming from behind to take that Wild Card spot at the end of the season--or even in the next few weeks--might just be the sort of thing to breathe some life into these codgers.

I could take the Twins sitting this one out if the Yankees were twiddling their thumbs as well. Worst case scenario: New York Yankees v. Atlanta Braves in the World Series. I'll meet you at the Washington Avenue bridge if that happens, and we'll leap together.

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