It's not what you earn that make you a man

Lots more links and text in my Desmond Dekker tribute below than there were last week (I have to confess, I didn't know Chris Blackwell's mom was Ian Fleming's lover, or that Edward Seaga worked with Folkways in the 1950s), so re-read the whole thing, or just skip to the end for audio and video links, including a video at Youtube for 1980's "Please Don't Bend" (click the image to play), and a video for a recent dancehall remake of "Israelites" with Dekker and Apache Indian. If anyone wants to share their own Dekker memories, please post them here or below.

More Desmond Dekker links:

There were a few too many more links in the story, I guess, forcing the computer to cut off links at the bottom. So here are some of the lost links, beginning with (by way of thanks and further reading) the pages linking that post: Rockcriticsdaily, Jeff Chang, Christopher Porter, Dance Crasher, Ochblog (currently down), Wikipedia's Dekker page (where I made a couple basic corrections in the "early days" section, such as his birthplace), and Ghost Roads. Also, check out all this Dekker audio, Mshairi's tribute, my sidebar on "The Mystery of Edward Seaga," donations here in Dekker's memory, Skinhead Nation on Dekker's popularity, an ILM thread, Desmond Dekker at emusic, more on "rude boy music" in my London Calling appreciation, Desmond Dekker interviews at Rock's Back Pages, Complicated Fun Jamaican music links (still in progress), London Independent obituary, Jamaica Gleaner obituary, Jamaica Observer obituary, Jamaica Observer, "Remembering Dekker", New York Times obituary, Rolling Stone obituary, an audio tribute at Hotshitrecords, and my initial post.

Recently posted elsewhere:

No more "no homo": Tori Fixx won't be trapped in the hip-hop closet ( 5/24/06), Weekend video: Atmosphere on Conan O'Brien ( 5/27/06), Desmond Dekker R.I.P. ( 5/27/06), First Avenue can't burn down ( 6/5/06), National Review in 1977: Punk as Conservative Uprising ( 6/6/06), A Starduster's Guide to Roadside Attractions ( 6/6/06), a few blurbs in the summer concert guide ( 6/7/06), Brightblack Morning Light playing tonight, Ol' Yeller CD release on Friday, Prof and Rahzwell CD release on Saturday, Escape from Summer Camp Scavenger Hunt on Saturday! ( 6/9/06)

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