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Iraq the Vote: Iraqi bloggers on the U.S. election

from IraqiArtist.com

Here's what Iraqi bloggers are saying as we get ready to vote Tuesday (between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time; if you're in Hennepin County, see your sample ballot):

From The Mesopotamian:

If you think that President Bush has done a good job and is the better man to lead the war on terror, then no more needs to be said.

If you think the President did a bad job and made mistakes and got us all in a mess, then he must not be let off and must stay to clear the mess. Letting him off now will release him from his responsibility to finish the job and tidy up.

If you replace him now with the Senator, then both men will have ready excuses for any future failure. The one will be able to say that he was not allowed to finish his work and the other can say that it was not his fault anyway, because the other made such mistakes as to make any remedy impossible.

From A Family in Bagdad:

The American elections are also near� and both Bush and Kerry have no vision towards Iraq� But we hope from [Kerry], if he comes to power, not to follow in Bush's aggressive foot steps, and not to make matters more bad, and the situation worst.

From Iraqi Letter to America:

I want you to be even angrier than I am at [your] administration. That's why I'm writing this blog. When you are angry enough, and because you live in a democracy, maybe things may change for the better� for both of us.

From Kurdo's World:

Most Kurds support Bush (Bosh) because they think he has removed Saddam Hussein. But most agree that even if Kerry comes to power, it would be hard to change U.S. policies towards Kurds or Iraq.

From Iraq the Model:

I�m not pro-Bush and I�m not pro-Allawi but I stand firmly with the new Iraq and with America. Iraq has run out of �historical leaders� and I guess there must be some people who still miss that time, but they shouldn�t feel that bitter, as one can always visit one of our brother Arab and Muslim nations to remember the �good old days� that we, the vast majority of Iraqis are ready to give our lives to make sure they won�t be repeated.

From Bagdad Burning:

So is Kerry going to be much better? I don�t know. I don�t know if he�s going to fix things or if he�s going to pull out the troops, or bring more in. I have my doubts about how he will handle the current catastrophe in Iraq. I do know this: Nothing can be worse than Bush.


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