Interleague play comes to the Dome

Why should you care?

As the Twins enter a six-game homestand to finish up their tour of the National League West, you've got to ask yourself: What's the big deal? Aside from some revitalized rivalries and rare World Series rematches (does anyone really care about this, btw?), is a Giants match-up really going to sell more DomeDogs than a Yankees game? I doubt it.

For me, there's only one thing that would make interleague play at the Metrodome more interesting than your everyday Twins game (aside from watching a 300-pound grumplin with a bum knee chase the most coveted batting record in baseball, but it looks like that 'aint gonna happen...*sniff*), and it seems like it would be a ridiculously easy initiative for Buddy Selig to push through: switch the DH rule. Let NL teams bat a DH in their own parks, and make AL pitchers bat in theirs. Seriously--if I've got to experience the agony of watching Bradke strikeout with two men on and two out, or Kyle Lohse get K'd while attempting to bunt, then I want to do it at home. It's something you don't see every day, and when Santana or Silva actually pokes one through the infield, well, all the sweeter.

Adopting the NL rules at home might even put some added pressure on Ron Gardenhire to hone his NL-style managing. As more than a few people have suggested, the Twins might have had a chance to take Sunday's game back from the Dodger's if Gardy had just gone to his bullpen in the sixth instead of letting Bradke go for the win (and consequently kill their offensive rally). Then again, Radke really deserved that tick in the loss column. As much as I love a good control pitcher (and he's certainly that), I don't give a damn about your stellar walks record if it means you've got to throw a first-pitch heater down the heart of the plate every time, especially to a 6-foot-5 firstbaseman who's having a career day.

And speaking of Hee-Seop Choi: While there was no joy in Twinsville thanks to his three-bomb night, it sure made those pun-happy headline writers giddy. My favorite, from "Happy happy, Choi Choi...Choi?"

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