"I hear they found a Replacement for Karl"

"I hear they found a Replacement for Karl"







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review last night's

Soul Asylum

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Dan Corrigan

, who took the above photo, says

Twin Tone


Paul Stark

ended up doing lights when the show had to be moved next door to the Mainroom due to PA problems in the 7th St. Entry. (Did I forget to mention Walsh has a



Before Soul Asylum rehearsals, bassist Tommy Stinson had been busy this year, collaborating with his old 'Mats mate Paul Westerberg on the soundtrack to next year's animated feature, Open Season (more here); writing songs for another 2006 film, Catch and Release; and producing the debut album by L.A.'s Bobot Adrenaline, who sound to me a little like Soul Asylum when they were Loud Fast Rules (click there for the Ramones poster, and here for another one)--a good thing! Of filling in for Karl Mueller, the late Soul Asylum bass player, Tommy says on his web site, "I'm told he would have wanted it this way so this is for him as well as Danny, Dave and Mary Beth."

Backround: Read the Karl Mueller thread on TCPunk.com.

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