Hopefully when he's old enough, he'll choose CNN

Want to meet the next Walter Cronkite? Too bad he wants to be Brian Williams. Meet Jack Greenberg, a 7th-grader from West Haven, Connecticut. The 12-year-old is armed with a microphone, camera crew, his own producer and credentials. Due to the cute factor, he's getting interviews most journalists would die for.

We caught up with him talking with Sampat Shivangi, a delegate from Jackson, Mississippi. Greenberg was asking about Hurricane Gustav. "He's going to be an anchor like Dan Rather or Peter Jennings someday," said Shivangi.

Greenberg responded, "Peter Jennings is dead."

Greenberg, who wrote two essays for Scholastic News in 5th grade to get here, is an old pro. He points out media elites and is quick to say who is who.

"Wolf Blitzer is here, Anderson Cooper is not," he said matter-of-factly.

All day, Greenberg has been questioning delegates about the economy, Sarah Palin, and the environment. Last week, he did the same thing in Denver. "No other kid reporter has done that," he says.

"Reporting's hard work, but very exciting. It's great to be able to bring the news to my audience," he says. "It's a tough job, I'll say that."

When asked who he supports in the Presidential race, Greenberg grinned and acted like a true journalist. "I'm impartial," he said, launching into a question of his own.

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