Homerun derby

class=img_thumbleft>Carlos Silva would have loved to crush the Yankees in his first spring training start last Thursday afternoon. And who wouldn't? The infinitely hateable Yanks had risen to the exhibition occasion by trotting out their beefiest lineup of hitters since... well, last year.

But Silva had something to prove. A sinkerball pitcher once famous for his pinpoint control, he was coming off a career-worst 2006 season that saw him serve up a majors-leading 38 home runs.

So when Yankees leadoff hitter Johnny Damon strolled to the plate, the Venezuelan wanted nothing more than to strike him out. Or induce one of Silva's signature grounders to short. Anything but a home run. Anything.

Second pitch. Crack. Gone. Next inning. Giambi. Ka-boom. Two-run homer. Yankees 6, Twins 1. Game over. Oh, well. There's always next year.

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