Holy ghost in the machine

class=img_thumbleft>Until a few minutes ago, anyone visiting complicatedfun.com for the past week and a half was directed to an "under construction" banner, though nothing is actually under construction: I forgot to fill in the forwarding part when I renewed this domain name last week through 2011. Now


should once again take you to


... *. Of course, the mishap took place during the one week when I was mentioning the blog to scores of colleagues and heroes in Seattle, at the

Experience Music Project


"Pop Conference 2007: Waking Up from History: Music, Time, and Place."

I was similarly technologically impaired at the event, singing my




a capella in lieu of a tape player, but I had the time of my life. (That's a photo of Dad in the early '60s.) Thank you, everyone who showed up. Thank you,


, for the


in New York magazine. Thank you for the many great presentations, too numerous to list. I learned a lot, and my younger brother says the conference changed his life.

I won't be publishing the paper "Why My Father Wrote 'They'll Know We Are Christians By Our Love'" any time soon, but I'd be happy to email it to friends and colleagues, and hope to track down a number of you all in coming days to see if I can't read some of the papers I missed. I've been sick for the past few days, so I'm late on this, but I hope to stay energized off of the experience. As another song in the Christian spirit puts it, I got nothing but love for you, baby. _______________________________________ *...and so should my old City Pages blog address, babelogue.citypages.com:8080/pscholtes/. _______________________________________

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