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Holy beef-a-Rooney!

class=img_thumbleft>I tried to cheer for Milan. The thought of an all English final makes me ill. All those insufferable Anglophiles at The Local and Brit's is too much to contemplate. I splurged on a $7 bottle of chianti, heated up some delicious Chef Boyardee Cheesy Nacho Twistaroni, and watched highlight footage of the

great Gilardino

on the internets.

And thanks to their brilliant, waifish Brazilian Kaka (that second goal!), the diving wankers did me proud in the first half, outplaying Manchester and jumping to a 2-1 lead. But then in typical Italian fashion they proceeded to shit all over the second half of the game. Didn't bother trying to score. Just hunkered down and prayed that the Pope would erase the final 45 minutes from the clock.

Thankfully it didn't work. Despite suffering sufficient injuries to staff the best 7-v-7 side in the world, Manchester kept at it. Darren Fletcher and Patrice Evra were valiant. The Great Wayne Rooney won it in stoppage time. Should be a fantastic return leg in Milan. Highlights in Arabic (maybe? Turkish? Hell if I know) here:

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