Hip hop mood indigo

"Untitled," aerosol on canvas, 2004, by Ernest Arthur Bryant III

I bought this painting last month, after seeing it at Juxtaposition Arts this summer. Standing taller than me, it's one of those things I look at when the world seems cold. The art also connects to my own creative labor in a satisfying way: A few months ago I interviewed the two guys who started Juxtaposition, graffiti artists Roger Cummings and Peyton, for my TC hip-hop oral history (still planning on updating the Old-School Page in early '05). These writers now teach kids how to combine the aesthetic of graffiti with more traditional art-school techniques.

Ernest Arthur Bryant III, the MCAD student who made the painting, also borrows from the best of both worlds (here's his MNArtists.org page). Truth is, I don't know much about the guy except that he delivered the painting himself to my apartment, in person. That kind of face-to-face exchange is what DIY culture is all about. Hopefully, I'll be posting my own paintings here by next year, once I've shaken the sea off me--I just got back from a "fun cruise" with Toasty's family in the Caribbean (more on that soon) and I feel like I'm constantly falling sideways.

Other works by Ernest Bryant:


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