Hillary Clinton victory speech: The ice queen thaws

It's been an emotional week for Hillary Clinton. She was trounced in Iowa, there were reports she was going to make a major shakeup to her campaign staff, suggestions she might quit the race early if she didn't win New Hampshire, and a moment when she appeared to be fighting back tears. So it was mesmerizing to watch her victory speech tonight, in which she, for once, appeared to speak with candor and genuine emotion instead of the classic Clinton triangulation.

Looking a bit manic, Hillary took to the podium and expressed what sounded like sincere gratitude to the New Hampshire voters, who have not only given her new political life but seem to have also provided a fresh set of talking points. "I listened to you and I found my voice," she said to roaring approval. "Let's give America the kind of comeback that New Hampshire has given me."

It seemed Hillary was eager to wrap her arms around the youth vote, which had famously gone for Obama in record numbers in Iowa. In ticking off the villains ruining America, including the familiar "oil and insurance companies," she oddly added "predatory student loan companies" to the list. Later, she made a point of thanking "young people across New Hampshire who came out."

In an apparent response to those pundits who suggested she would lose New Hampshire and pull out of the race, Hillary proclaimed, "We are in it for the long run!"

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