Hey John McCain, who you calling a "celebrity"?

Hey John McCain, who you calling a "celebrity"?

The John McCain campaign's favorite smear-of-the-moment against Obama is that he's a "celebrity". McCain famously launched the attack in this ad, which in turn led to this response from Paris Hilton. It's a pretty clear attempt to make up for McCain's obvious shortcoming of not being able to attract and electrify a crowd the way Obama can.

But a better measure of "celebrity" would be appearances on late-night talk shows, and by that metric, McCain is 13x the celebrity Obama is, as Ana Marie Cox of Swampland points out:

John McCain was on the Tonight Show last night for the thirteenth time.

A little bird points out who else has been on the couch with Leno that many times: "Pamela Anderson, Dr. Phil, Larry the Cable Guy, Simon Cowell, Jennifer Love Hewitt." Schwarzenegger has been on twelve times; Obama has been on once.

Obama's response ad:

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